What you can expect from a national removals firm

Regardless of where your company is moving, whether it is around the corner or to the other side of the country, the national removals firm you choose can make all the difference to your relocation experience.

When making a decision as to which company to opt for, assess what will be required of the moving company (whether you are looking for expert packers of simply someone to transport your property) and which company has the most positive reviews.

What to expect from a national removals firm

A quality removals company should be able to provide a comprehensive list of the services they provide. This will help you create an initial shortlist of the companies most suited to your removal needs.

Following this, they should offer to carry out a property survey to assess how many team members, vans and how much time will be required to complete the move. This will help them offer a quote specific to you, rather than simply offering a general quote that could change once they arrive to carry out the move.

On moving day, if they are assisting with the packing of equipment etc they should arrive with professional packing materials and carefully upload your goods to the van and unload your property at your new business residence. A quality national removals firm should have insurance in the unlikely event that anything is damaged in transit.

Finally, an after-sales service should be provided. Whether that is to hear about the positive experience you had or to resolve any issues you experienced through working with them.