Use the process of elimination while hiring a removal company

Any removal company that has been in business for decades will have a plethora of services. It may not have the same level of expertise or specialisation in each of the services but it would have a vast range nevertheless. There is one way you can know for sure if a removal company actually specialises in all the services it offers. You would need firsthand feedback from many of their clients, to cover the full spectrum. It is an arduous task and pragmatically daunting. You may not be able to find enough references and honest reviews. The only other way you can ensure that you are hiring the best removal company is by using the process of elimination. Use your priorities and check if the removal company has been attending to those ever since their inception.

It is very easy to make an inventory that eventually becomes a jumble of sorts with various kinds of items clubbed separately but in one list. Whether you are moving to a new house or you are changing offices, the types of items you would have to deal with will be very different. Your residential or commercial assets may not be the same as that of the other clients that are usually served by the removal company. You need to get down to the specificities.

Make a list of every type of item or asset you have. Do not have one broad category of consumer electronics. Some electronics are more fragile than others. Do not have one vast segment of appliances, be it for home or office. Segregate sturdy appliances from smaller and more vulnerable ones. No removal company should pack a refrigerator and an ultra high definition television in the same way. While a removal company will specialise in both, the specific expertise will come into play when you get two distinctly different kinds of hardware. Moving servers is not the same as packing one desktop.

Everything from your furniture to the artwork, lighting fixtures to the types of apparel you own will have a bearing on the packing, handling and moving. There would be substantial disassembling and re-installation of many fixtures. Your inventory or the list you use for the process of elimination should be detailed. The specifics should be used to check if a removal company has the relevant expertise and only then should you proceed with quotes. A pre-move survey is a good time to exercise the process of elimination.