Top 6 things to remember before you move house

Moving home requires a lot of planning and preparation. It is essential that everything is ticked off your list to ensure it goes as successful as possible. There are many things you may have missed when writing your To Do list that you should consider doing before you move house.

1) Redirect your mail
This may seem something so simple and easily missed but it is something that could save you a lot of hassle if done prior to your move. You can set up mail redirect with your local Royal Mail from three to twelve months to ensure you receive all your mail straight to your door.

Be sure you alert your bank as soon as you know your new address which avoids the sending out any new cards or pins to your old address.

2) TV and broadband license

It is essential that you inform your TV licensing of your new address. This way you are covered from the very first day that you move in and are not charged for 2 licenses from your old address.

You will also need to inform your broadband providers who will need to transfer your current package over to your new address. Their service may be area dependable so it is essential you arrange this before your moving date so you can make any amendments necessary.

3) Insurance

Make sure that your insurance covers your belongings whilst they are being transferred to your new home. That way you are covered for any damage that may be done. Many removal companies will have insurance but it is always worth having more than none at all.

4) Avoid freezer food waste

Cut costs on your food shop by using what you have left in your freezer before you move house. If not, the food that’s left in your freezer will go to waste.

5) Gas and electricity readings

Avoid being wrongfully charged for your gas and electricity by notifying your suppliers before you move house and providing them with your meter readings. This also goes for your new address – be sure you tell your new supplier these figures to again, avoid any unwanted charges.

6) Check the house multiple times

Last but by no means least, check your house before you finally leave multiple times. Be happy with yourself that nothing has been left unturned or behind. Take your time with your move and tick everything off one by one.