Top 3 things to remember before a business move

A lot of planning and preparation is required of a business move. Organisation can be the difference between a successful move and complete chaos. Whilst there are some obvious points to be added to your checklist following a business move, there are a few that could slip through the seams and make moving day and the weeks there-after, more difficult.

1) Set your mail to be redirected

This is such a simple task yet it is so easily missed. A simple visit to your local Royal Mail will ensure that any mail delivered to your old address is forwarded on to your new property from three to twelve months.

It is highly recommended to contact your bank at the same time to ensure no business cards or pin numbers are sent to your old address.

2) Insurance

Everyone knows that it is important to ensure your new business property and goods are fully covered, however, it is equally as important to insure your goods whilst they are being transported from your old property to your new property. Whilst great removal companies take the utmost care when moving your equipment, accidents can happen. A moving company that is worth their salt will offer competitive insurance to cover you during the move.

3) Utility bills

If you are moving to a serviced office, this point is unnecessary. However, if your office is not serviced, it is important to set up an account with your utility company as soon as possible. If you are continuing with your previous company, they will take care of everything. It may be worth using a comparison website to see if you can either get a better deal elsewhere or negotiate a discount at your current company.

4) Change your address on all your advertising channels

Whether it be your website, other websites that have published your details, letterheads, advertising pamphlets and anything else with your old company address. The last thing you want is clients turning up to the wrong address or sending cheques etc to your old premises (Especially if you have not set up mail forwarding.)

These simple, yet easily forgotten tasks, will help you settle into your new premises and should help prevent any nasty surprises coming your way.