The pitfalls of a business move and how to avoid them

Moving your business, whether to a bigger premise or closer to one of the major cities, is an exciting time. Getting as much knowledge from businesses who have experienced the process first hand will help you make a smoother transition without any nasty surprises along the way.

Here are a few common pitfalls businesses experience during a relocation.

Insufficient planning

Whether it is the move itself or what needs to be done on arrival to the new property, a lot of businesses make the mistake of leaving the planning to the last minute. This can result in the removal company of choice being unaware of how much actually needs to be transported and arriving in a vehicle or with a team that is much too small or bigger than necessary.

A business needs assessment would prevent this from happening. The removal company you have carefully selected will arrive at your premise to better understand the type of service you require and quote you accordingly.

Motivating staff

Whilst moving property can be an exciting time, your employees may feel less engaged with the process. There are a few things you can do to help prepare your staff and help create an excited atmosphere come moving day.

Give them as much information as early as possible

A property move will most likely mean a change in commute whether that be the time your employees travel or the mode of transportation they use. Giving them as much information as possible will allow them more time to plan and will reduce any stress that could be caused by finding information like this out at the last minute.

Whenever something new happens, such as booking the removals company, confirming an exact moving date, or gaining photographs of the office space; relay this to your employees to help them get excited about the move.

Not asking enough questions before the big move

There are countless enquiries that need to be made prior to a business relocation and one that can be easily forgotten is that of the facilities in the new property. Are there enough plug sockets to accommodate all of your electrical goods? Is the internet speed good enough to accommodate your needs? These questions, though small, can make a huge difference to the set up and first few weeks in the office.

Whilst there are many things to look out for and be aware of during the process of moving, if you are organised and have carried out thorough research; you are sure to have a smooth transition.