Pros and Cons of Consolidation for Overseas Removals

Overseas removals will be expensive for anyone. Even if you don’t have too many goods and you are moving to a nearby country, the cost can be substantial. We are not talking about moving from the United States to Canada or Mexico and moving within mainland Europe. If you can make do with ground transportation then moving internationally can be a relatively reasonable exercise. The moment you need to fly your goods or even if you take the sea route, the costs would escalate quickly. One of the few options at your discretion to manage the costs is consolidation. Many people opt for consolidation of their goods to save money. However, there are pros and cons that you should consider.

Consolidation of goods is a cost saving and logistically convenient exercise for overseas removals wherein your belongings are combined with those of others and are collectively shipped to the destination. It is quite possible the destinations would vary but they should be en route. Cargo carriers, be it via air or sea, have multiple stopovers so they can always dispatch specific consignments at the relevant airports or ports. Since many people pay for a large container or space, the cost gets shared. This is not a widespread practice in intercity moving but is getting popular among interstate movers. The option is definitely popular in overseas removals.

The most noteworthy advantage is the cost. You can save a lot of money by sharing available space or by reserving a part of the larger container. However, you would not be able to dictate your own schedule. Since you are one of the many parts of the puzzle, you will have to wait till the other pieces are in place. Companies that specialise in large scale overseas removals would not have much of an issue since they will have enough cargos to be dispatched almost every day. However, everything depends on where you are moving from and moving to.

Consolidation can be a time consuming exercise and there can be a certain degree of uncertainty till you know for sure that your belongings have been assigned a space and they would be shipped or flown on a particular date. This date may be convenient for you or it may be too late. Not many people will be willing to deal with unnecessary delays or uncertainties as that can disrupt their plan at the new country. You need to weigh in on the actual date, cost and other variables while planning overseas removals to choose or avoid consolidation.