Plan Removals as a Phased Exercise

Anyone who has moved or relocated knows that removals is not an exercise you can complete in one day. No matter how well you plan everything and the resources at your disposal, you have to plan removals as a phased exercise. Hence, you must factor in a timeline and this will be less exhaustive for you as well as for those you would want to coordinate to ensure the whole exercise is convenient.

You can always pack and move portable stuff in one day. Smaller or even larger items that can be easily disassembled or uninstalled, packed in boxes and loaded onto a truck can be dealt with in a few hours. Larger properties and hence greater loads will demand more manpower but it is possible to get the entire job done in a day. This may or may not include the actual moving from one place to another as the distance will be the key factor. The real trouble is not with the smaller or larger portable and easily manageable fixtures. The problem lies in fixtures that are harder to deal with. Large or complicated installations cannot be helped in a steadfast manner. You may have the right technician for the job but there are installations that require a complete evacuation of the property before they can be removed and then carried off to another place.

There are some installations that must still be there till the time you have moved out and perhaps for a few days after. Whether you are moving house or into a new office, there would be some amenities that have to be removed later when you have settled in the new place. These fixtures will anyway demand another moving exercise. Unless you can practically and conveniently uninstall and pack everything before moving, your removals strategy will have to be for more than one day.

Consult with the assigned surveyor during the site visit or tour of the property and enquire if complete removals would be possible in a few hours or just a day before you get the estimate. The quote will always vary depending on the challenges of the moving exercise. It is possible that you can return to your home or office and then carry some more stuff on your own or without the help of any mover. It is equally likely that you will need some technicians for specific installations.