Look for these Red Flags while Consulting a Removal Company

Millions of people move from one address to another and find it to be a daunting exercise. Very few people have everything chalked out to perfection. The reason why most people are disappointed with their moving is because something or the other is amiss. You cannot blame a removal company for everything that has gone wrong but the experts do have a significant role to play. In this concise guide, we shall talk about some of the red flags that you should watch out for while consulting a removal company.

• You have checked the official website of a removal company, you may have called them or sent them an email and they are only too eager to offer you a quote. An estimate is fine. It actually helps you to gauge if the removal company is reasonable. However, an upfront estimate with absolutely no regard to your specific needs is futile. This estimate is not only a figment of speculation but the figure can be miles from the ballpark. You do not need any random estimate. A removal company that resists the temptation to rush into signing you up as a client and freezing the dates is actually more serious about the job. It is likely they will be more cautious with everything and chances are high you will be satisfied with their service.

• If a removal company is not willing to visit your home or office, if they don’t insist that a site inspection is necessary and if they are happy to do all the pre-moving tasks over the phone or email, then it is perhaps the most concerning red flag. You cannot expect a satisfactory service from such a removal company. The reason is quite simple. A mover and packer would not want to be shocked the day they arrive with the truck. They would also not want you to be shocked with the revised pricing for they did not anticipate the entire scope of the job. It is one thing for a mover to provide only the truck and not be responsible for your packing and hence all your possessions. It is a completely different ballgame when you are assigning the task of packing everything to the removal company.

• Do not pay anything upfront to a removal company. Some may have a policy of asking for a small advance. If you absolutely must pay an advance, do so using a card or check. Do not pay in cash and definitely don’t do anything without a receipt. You don’t want to pay money and then deal with a no show. You don’t want to part with money before you have received all your possessions at the new address.

The best advice we could probably give you regarding choosing a quality removals company is to choose one that has been accredited by the BAR (British Association of Movers) and one who has been in operation for years. Once established, you can rely that any startup teething problems would already have been worked through.