Get your House Movers to Categorise Boxes but with Caution

There are some standard practices followed by house movers. They would always pack alike items together. They would organise everything and maintain inventory. They would move from one type of items to another, not just while packing but also when moving and eventually at the time of unpacking. Fragile boxes do not have sturdy materials. Boxes loaded with unbreakable goods do not contain fragile items. These are just some of the many established best practices and you may call these a natural order when it comes to moving. Despite the prevalence of such practices, it is essential to be proactively safe. Ensure your house movers exercise impeccable safety while categorising boxes before and during packing.

Let us take one instance that would easily establish the potential problems. It is fairly simple to understand why anyone would pack all their small to medium sized electronics in one box. Your smart phones, tablets, power banks, cables, adaptors and other materials can go into one large box. You would of course have your phone on you but this is just to illustrate the reality. When you have all small to medium consumer electronics in one box, you can label it as fragile and take utmost care during the move. All your house movers would know it is the box of electronics and they would manage it accordingly. The trouble lies in how the electronics have been packed and if the separate pieces have been packed in any manner. Simply because a box has the same kinds of items does not mean that you can stuff the whole box with similar goods and forget about their well being throughout the process.

This same truth applies to all kinds of items that can be clubbed together. You may use the same box for your all your glassware. Now glassware does not only mean the glasses you use to drink. You may have glass plates, bowls and crockery among other essential items. You may have some other glass items too. You should not pack all your glassware in a manner wherein one type of fragile items would be vulnerable to another item that may be of similar nature but of considerably different type of material. Some glassware is more vulnerable than others. This is true for most kinds of hard goods. Soft goods too should be categorised and you can have dedicated boxes for certain types of these items but while ensuring caution.