Familiarise yourself with packing essentials when moving internationally

Packing all your possessions properly and safely is a quintessential exercise when you are moving internationally or domestically. Local moving is simpler because you would be with your stuff and you will have a certain degree of control. Moving internationally is more complicated. You have less control over the various processes in different phases. It is imperative that you hire a professional packer. You will need to pack the items in a manner that befits international shipping. Here are some packing essentials you must be familiar with when moving internationally.

• You may have one packing day or it may be a few days. This will depend on the quantum of stuff you have. Most homes can be packed in one day. Some larger estates will take a few days. Offices can be packed in a day if they are relatively small. Large offices, for instance entire floors or multiple floors, perhaps a whole building, will take more than one day. The number of packing days needed will have an impact on the cost so plan accordingly. This would be determined during the pre-move survey so you don’t have to worry about any surprise later.

• Since you are hiring a professional packer and mover, you don’t have to worry about packing materials or the actual effort needed. However, you must facilitate the process. Most of the packers who would arrive at your home or office will be unfamiliar with the space and the items. You must help them to identify all the stuff that would have to be packed. You should point out if you need special care and packing for some items. You must prepare your house or office. Protect areas that can get damaged. Keep expensive fixtures away and they can be packed later once the larger pieces such as furniture and sturdier appliances are dealt with. You may want some protection for the floor.

• After all your goods are packed, wrapped and sealed in cartons, the whole consignment may be directly loaded onto a shipping container, lorry or a vehicle. This will depend on how you are moving internationally. If you are driving to another country, then there is no shipping or air cargo involved. You can load the goods onto a lorry and drive over. If your goods are being shipped by sea, then the container may be at your address or it could be at the port. Where you live and other variables will determine this. Your professional packer will take care of such essentials but you should be aware of the exact process from the outset.