Don’t Forget These 5 Things When Moving Overseas

All aboard! Your plane/train/automobile to another country is departing and you’re scheduled to leave with it. You don’t have time to skim your checklist again and make sure you didn’t forget anything important. It’s now or never, Expat. So, before you head to the station, wrap your head around the following things that better not slip your mind.

The Top 5 Things You Should Never Forget When Moving Overseas

Yes, it’s exciting to be moving overseas. As one of those brave souls who have the guts to do it, you might also want the brains to back it up. Forgetting something in your home country may sound nostalgic, but it’s more likely to be a huge hindrance on your plans. Don’t leave the house without double checking that you have the following things in order:

1. Your Ride

Whether it’s to and from the airport or to and from the new house, most people who are moving overseas need a ride at some point. Even if you had your automobile transported by a professional moving company, the vehicle is likely not parked at your departure gates. So, schedule a chauffeur or taxi service ahead of time to ensure you don’t get stranded.

2. Your Papers

Triple check your luggage for that passport because you won’t be able to enter any other country without it. Passports must be up-to-date, unexpired, include a photo, and be presented by everyone moving overseas. Be sure to bring your insurance papers, any pertinent banking information, and all documents that identify you. Also, depending on where you’re going, you might also need to get certain vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease.

3. Your Belongings

There’s no reason to leave behind important, valuable, or meaningful possessions just because you’re moving overseas. Good moving companies will offer their services abroad, albeit for a slight price hike. Either way, don’t abandon items if you don’t have to. Unless you’re incredibly familiar with the area you’re about to move to, it’s hard to tell what you’ll need until you’ve lived there for a while.

4. Your Senses

Moving overseas is a huge undertaking, especially when it comes time to find a new home. While you may feel pressured to make a quick decision, don’t forget the value of patience and diligence. Always ask landlords and/or real estate agents for references, even if it feels rude. Trust your instincts and talk to the neighbours as well. Not only is this perfectly acceptable, but it also protects you from making a bad choice in housing.

5. Your Adventurous Side

Moving overseas means a drastic change in your daily habits and overall living condition. It also means flexing your adventurous muscle for at least the first year. Experts say it takes between 10-12 months to fully assimilate into any new neighbourhood, let alone the time it takes to blend into a completely different culture. Take your time, be friendly, and don’t forget to learn the language. Locals tend to be a lot friendlier when you speak their native tongue.