The Significance of Timing in International Removals

Moving is a time consuming exercise. Most people take days to pack all their possessions and the actual moving may take hours within the city and longer than a day if one has to travel from one county to another. International removals are in a different league altogether. It takes weeks to sort out everything. The actual schedule of moving overseas will also likely be for several days. Even if there is a direct nonstop flight to the country you are moving to, your possessions will take longer. This is primarily why timing is so important in international removals. Continue reading “The Significance of Timing in International Removals”

Don’t Forget These 5 Things When Moving Overseas

All aboard! Your plane/train/automobile to another country is departing and you’re scheduled to leave with it. You don’t have time to skim your checklist again and make sure you didn’t forget anything important. It’s now or never, Expat. So, before you head to the station, wrap your head around the following things that better not slip your mind. Continue reading “Don’t Forget These 5 Things When Moving Overseas”