Business Relocation should always be Customised

Business relocation has to be customised. If you consider the challenges of moving in a broader context, you will find residential relocation to be a much simpler exercise. This is primarily because most households have the same types of furniture, appliances and fixtures. Of course there will be some items that will need special attention but movers and packers are generally aware of the possibilities. This is not applicable for businesses. While most offices will have its files, storage cabinets, tables, chairs and other usual fixtures, there will be some equipment, machines or appliances that a mover may not be familiar with. Hence, not only should you choose a mover familiar with the kind of business you operate but also ensure the whole process is completely customised.

Business relocation will inevitably involve handling of electronics and electrical appliances. The simplest of them all are desktops. While desktops would need special care, most movers are familiar with the systems and would have the experts to deal with them. However, servers are a different issue. Not every business has a simple desktop server. There can be large servers that are quite tricky to manage if one does not know how to handle them. The same applies to all industry or business specific equipment and machines. From freezers to vending machines, heavy duty appliances to large assembly lines, there may be a plethora of equipment that a mover might not specialise in.

It is possible for some appliances to be disassembled and the parts or components are easier to manage. Some machines have to be moved just as they are. You cannot take them apart and put everything back together at the new address. The same goes for certain types of furniture. A company can always have some really large pieces of furniture, many of which may have been assembled onsite. Such furniture would need to be disassembled but with care. The dismantling and reassembling can damage the furniture. Such processes would also put machinery or equipment at risk.

The survey conducted before the actual business relocation should involve a comprehensive discussion as to how a mover plans to deal with the different types of goods. Most people worry about fragile items, such as glassware and soft goods. Movers and packers are usually deft at handling such fragile items. It is the set of odd items or uncommon goods that calls for special attention and hence customisation.