Business Moving – A Guide

Growing your business to the point where you need additional office space is an exciting milestone to reach. However, taking on a property move (no matter what the size of your business) is no easy feat. Where do you start and what do you need to keep in mind throughout the process?

Comprise a five-year strategyThink about the actual move itself

How are you planning on transporting your goods to your new business location? If you have a multitude of equipment, it may be worthwhile considering investing in a quality removals company. It is worth taking some time to research and find a company with experience in business removals that offer additional services such as business storage and environmental recycling.
When selecting a removals company, it is imperative that they operate in the area you are currently based as well as where your new building will be. Some companies offer international removals and some only work in specific areas, so it is important to double check this with your company of choice.

Be realistic about the process

Very few people enjoy thinking about the pitfalls of a business move, however, it is essential that you cover all bases so that you don’t fall at the final hurdle. Things to keep in mind include;

  • Whether the new premises can accommodate your technical equipment – such as having sufficient network ports.
  • Is there enough parking for your employees – both current and employees.
  • Downtime – how long will it take you complete the move and what options are there if the move is delayed?

Moving your business to a new location is exciting and if planned correctly can be a smooth and enjoyable process.