How to Assess Reviews & Ratings of International Movers

Not too long ago, we could only ask around and seek advice to find the best service provider in any category. The same was true for products. Over the last two decades, online reviews have changed how we go about our searches and researches. Social media has further simplified the process of verifying the credibility of any organisation. International movers may or may not be active on social media. They also may or may not engage with online reviews published on public forums and sites. Yet, you will find enough reviews and ratings of all major international movers online.

Most international movers will highlight testimonials of their clients. They will advertise their memberships with associations of repute. You may find ratings by accreditation agencies. You will find online unregulated and uncensored reviews. The official presentation of testimonials and reviews will obviously be curated. If you need a truer picture, then you have to look for public forums and review sites. Companies don’t like such sites because of the absolute freedom people have to publish their feedback and the absence of any censoring or curating mechanism. There is a flip-side to this as well. Competitors can write bad reviews to pull a brand down. You need to be quite sensible while comparing genuine reviews with feedback that are an outcome of a vested interest.

Ratings of International Movers

There is a fundamental difference between the kind of reviews & ratings domestic movers get and those received by international movers. Domestic movers get high ratings when they offer inexpensive fares. International movers don’t get judged as much for their estimates. It is the aspect of convenience, assurance and delivery of the service that matter more. So, when you check out ratings and reviews of international movers and you find some being rated highly by fellow customers, don’t presume those companies offer the lowest estimates. They are simply the more credible.

International movers operate in a more challenging and complicated premise. There is only so much they or you can do about the costs. What is more important is the safekeeping of your belongings, predictability and a certain degree of control, real time tracking and an assurance that your goods will not land up in another city, state or country, they would not get stuck in customs, they would not be damaged and they would be assuredly delivered at the exact address you have provided within the time that was promised at the outset.