Ask a Removal Company for the Right Truck

One of the quintessential infrastructural components of a removal company is the fleet of trucks, also referred to as moving trucks for the specific purpose they serve. It is one thing to say there is a whole fleet of trucks, so you can pick any that suits your needs. It is a different ballgame to actually delve into the details, so you can figure out which truck will be ideal for you. The standard capacity and availability of the trucks, the cost and convenience are only the first set of priorities. You need to consider various other attributes of a truck to ascertain if it is right for you. Check out the fleet of a removal company and indulge in an extensive comparison of the trucks.

removal companyThe most common trucks used for moving purposes come in four sizes: twelve feet, sixteen feet, twenty-two feet and twenty-six feet. The capacity of storage or the volume of the items that can be moved varies greatly, from goods occupying the space of one standard room up to seven rooms. A twelve feet truck can at the most carry goods that you may have in up to two rooms. If you have two or three rooms of goods, then you should go for the sixteen feet truck. Three to five rooms will demand the twenty-two feet truck and if you have stuff of up to seven rooms then only a twenty six feet truck would do.

You need to know if the truck has flat floors and if you need such a feature.

All these four trucks have cruise control and there is an acceptable seating capacity in the front. The smallest among these four, the twelve feet truck does not have a loading ramp capable of withstanding a load of a thousand pounds. If you have a substantially heavy item and you need the removal company to take care of it, then you need a loading ramp and hence you must choose a truck accordingly. The smallest trucks also don’t have vehicle towing ability.

It goes without saying that the larger trucks will cost more because they carry more weight and offer less mileage, but they are also good for long distance moving since the fuel capacity is slightly greater. The cargo space should not be considered only by the virtue of its length and width. You should also consider the height. Storage capacity will be largely influenced by the height of the truck, so would the load capacity.